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Indianapolis is the 12th largest city in America. It is rated the cleanest of the top 25 U.S. cities and ranked in the top 25 in lowest crime of large cities. Located in the “conservative” Midwest, this city is as full of unsaved as any. The Spirit of God is drowned out primarily by prosperity, recreation, and self-centeredness.

This city is located in the heart of our nation, and we are located in the heart of this city, on the edge of downtown, just 1.9 miles from the monument that marks the exact center of our town. Almost 200 people live within 1 block of this church. Some 20,000 people live within 2 miles. All of the churches with strength have left this area except our church and 2 others. The largest of these three has bought new property and it too is leaving.

Although this is a clean, safe, working class area, there is no competition among churches to minister. Our situation is simply this; if we do not minister to this area, in most cases, no one will. Our Kid’s Crusade with 900 in attendance proved the harvest for un-churched children. The potential for our youth ministry is incredible. Many retired and single parents populate this part of town. We pray to the Lord of the Harvest for workers.